Consistent Communication is the Key to Client Satisfaction

In every relationship it may be in business or about your personal life, it needs consistent and clear communication with the people around you.

“Communication is the human connection; it is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J. Meyer

This is the core to make everything work and have progress.

In business world, having consistent communication with your client is the key to their satisfaction and reason for them to stay and be contented with your services. Trust is one thing that is hard to gain, and in business, for you to have your customer or client stick with your services you must gain their trust and communication is the key for that.

Positive approach to Good Customer Service

Set the Right Expectation – Customers/clients are always expecting that you can give what they need and want, but please always remember you are not perfect, and you will not be able to give all that your customers/clients want. It is best to be firm, acknowledge their concern/s, let them feel that you understand them, if you are to say something negative, think first, do the positive scripting, explain to them that what they want is not possible, after that you have to give them assurance in case you can’t do their request, you can do alternative things to help them.

Set Follow Ups – if you can’t give the right answer to them, tell them that you will do follow-up with their issue and concern, give the right time frame and again right expectation. Must work with your follow ups because customers with urgent concerns are highly active when it comes to this. Always remember to put yourself to their shoes. Being promised of something then waiting for nothing is one reason you can lose your customers trust. Work and take note of your follow ups.

Be True, Real and Transparent – Not all the time we will be able to solve the customers concerns, there are times that we will be needing to tell them NO. Positive scripting is the best way for this. You must convey the bad news into something positive. No one wants to be fooled, it’s better to know the bitter truth and accept it than be fooled by lies.

Transparency and good flow of communication is a must to be success in all aspects in life.

How Chatbot Can Help Your Business

Chatbot is an amazing piece of software that is widely utilised by business owners to improve their service and at the same time boost their sales.  Have you noticed a website or Facebook page that answers enquiries 24/7? Do you think that it is a real person typing answers for your questions? It could be a smart chatbot that analyze your inquiries and because of its AI capabilities it fully understands your question, thus giving the answers that you need.

If you are lacking of man power and looking for a cheaper alternative to level up your customer service, then you should use this marketing technology. One  of the best tools out there are Manychat, Chatfuel, Active Chat. These chatbot platforms will charge you in a monthly basis to use their service and the good thing about these companies is they provide free training for beginners so that they can start and build their own chatbots for their business needs.

Facebook is so strict nowadays because of data protection that’s all happening, that’s the reason why it only approves a few chatbot companies that strictly follow their rules to protect their users important information from leaking to the public.