How Offering Discounts Can Improve Your Store Conversion

Do you receive a lot of hits to your website, but still have a lower conversion rate? There can be plenty of reasons, such as high pricing, no testimonials or reviews, awful product description, a bunch of pop-ups, slow loading pages, website that doesn’t look legit, and many other factors.

Now the question is how can you improve your conversion rate?

There are many tactics that you can use but one of the most effective is by offering discounts. These can be through your Facebook ads ad copy, or can be on the email capture form that you have in your website which is also a good strategy to collect email leads for your email marketing campaigns.

You can also use this to recover abandoned cart by sending them a special email with automated discounts. This can increased your conversion rate by 20% and if you will fix all the above mentioned factors that affects conversion rates, then expect to get more than 20% sales conversion increase in your website.

It’s up to you if you want to offer a fixed amount discount or percentage-based discount. As long as you are converting majority of the traffic into sales even by a small margin is a win-win situation for you. More discounts given, more emails collected for future marketing such as Facebook ads custom audience targeting or sending email drip campaigns where you can get a huge ROI as you don’t need to pay for ads.

Human Customer Support vs AI Chatbot

As a business owner, which one do you personally prefer? Having your customer support automated using AI chatbot or hire a dedicated virtual assistant who can answer your customer queries?

This question is very common in online groups, social media, as they are debating about the level of personalization and quality of answers it can provide to the customers. For me, If you are really short in budget and can’t hire a virtual assistant that will handle customer care then you really want to go with AI chatbot instead as it is much cheaper compared hiring a dedicated staff.

Chatbot is also smart that it can be trained and has a very minimal chance of giving false answers because it can be set-up the way you want it to be. The only limitation of chatbot is the skill of the chatbot developer who designed the conversational flow, that’s why most chatbot developers have if else conditions to handle such scenario and they even output a message saying, “sorry but this is a question that was never asked to me” and capture that specific question and modify the bot to answer that query. That’s how powerful bots are if used properly. Other’s will say they are just a bot without feelings, that’s why you have total control of it, use your personal tone, add some humor, funny gifs, etc.

On contrary when you hire a VA, it can answers questions based from their training. The information that they can provide is also limited based from what they received, they might also not be able to reply as fast as a bot can do because of certain reasons. If you have only 1 virtual assistant, he or she will not be able to handle multiple inquiries for sure similar to a bot can do? Now you have an idea on how powerful chatbot can leverage business? It’s for you to decide which route you will go, as long as you can provide the best customer service is what really matters.

How to Grow Your Social Media Followers?

Social media has been a great tool to promote your business. First is, it is for FREE. Almost everyone who has cell phone or internet use social media. Second is, almost everyone is using it. Using this as your method for your marketing is like you are targeting the universe. No limit for your audience, fast pacing in spreading the new products and great products. You can let the whole world know what you have.

Having more followers is like getting more people have interest to what you are selling. Widening your horizon is a must when you use Social Media a tool for your marketing strategy. Definitely there are pros and cons of using social media. But here are some guidance how social media will be an effective marketing tool for your business.

You need to identify your audience.

Understanding your future audiences or target market is an important matter, how will you be able to make your own content about your product if you don’t know what kind of audiences you are looking for.

Come out with Good content

Your content must have a good quality. It should have an eye-catching photo that you need to use proper lighting, angle and good quality of camera. It must have a good content as well, something that has substance. Worth to read and to share. So, you can reach other people who is beyond your horizon. Using accurate hashtags (#) will help you as well, because when people search for specific word that is same as your content, you can be search by other people too.

Make a Promo or Contest

Run a competition that people will win prizes by just following you, liking your posts and sharing it, sometimes tagging or mentioning your followers’ friends is also one way of increasing your followers.

Check Your Competitors

There is no wrong in checking your competitors post and their strategies on how to get more likes, share and revenues. You can use their idea as well just make sure that there is a personal touch on your content.


You must make sure that you are having connection with your followers, they can help you to have more followers and help you to convert followers to customers.

Managing social media maybe difficult because you have so many competitors but still it is one of the best tool you can use today. Check here to see the top applications you can use to help you manage your social media accounts.

How Chatbot Can Help Your Business

Chatbot is an amazing piece of software that is widely utilised by business owners to improve their service and at the same time boost their sales.  Have you noticed a website or Facebook page that answers enquiries 24/7? Do you think that it is a real person typing answers for your questions? It could be a smart chatbot that analyze your inquiries and because of its AI capabilities it fully understands your question, thus giving the answers that you need.

If you are lacking of man power and looking for a cheaper alternative to level up your customer service, then you should use this marketing technology. One  of the best tools out there are Manychat, Chatfuel, Active Chat. These chatbot platforms will charge you in a monthly basis to use their service and the good thing about these companies is they provide free training for beginners so that they can start and build their own chatbots for their business needs.

Facebook is so strict nowadays because of data protection that’s all happening, that’s the reason why it only approves a few chatbot companies that strictly follow their rules to protect their users important information from leaking to the public.