How Chatbot Can Help Your Business

Chatbot is an amazing piece of software that is widely utilised by business owners to improve their service and at the same time boost their sales.  Have you noticed a website or Facebook page that answers enquiries 24/7? Do you think that it is a real person typing answers for your questions? It could be a smart chatbot that analyze your inquiries and because of its AI capabilities it fully understands your question, thus giving the answers that you need.

If you are lacking of man power and looking for a cheaper alternative to level up your customer service, then you should use this marketing technology. One  of the best tools out there are Manychat, Chatfuel, Active Chat. These chatbot platforms will charge you in a monthly basis to use their service and the good thing about these companies is they provide free training for beginners so that they can start and build their own chatbots for their business needs.

Facebook is so strict nowadays because of data protection that’s all happening, that’s the reason why it only approves a few chatbot companies that strictly follow their rules to protect their users important information from leaking to the public.