How Offering Discounts Can Improve Your Store Conversion

Do you receive a lot of hits to your website, but still have a lower conversion rate? There can be plenty of reasons, such as high pricing, no testimonials or reviews, awful product description, a bunch of pop-ups, slow loading pages, website that doesn’t look legit, and many other factors.

Now the question is how can you improve your conversion rate?

There are many tactics that you can use but one of the most effective is by offering discounts. These can be through your Facebook ads ad copy, or can be on the email capture form that you have in your website which is also a good strategy to collect email leads for your email marketing campaigns.

You can also use this to recover abandoned cart by sending them a special email with automated discounts. This can increased your conversion rate by 20% and if you will fix all the above mentioned factors that affects conversion rates, then expect to get more than 20% sales conversion increase in your website.

It’s up to you if you want to offer a fixed amount discount or percentage-based discount. As long as you are converting majority of the traffic into sales even by a small margin is a win-win situation for you. More discounts given, more emails collected for future marketing such as Facebook ads custom audience targeting or sending email drip campaigns where you can get a huge ROI as you don’t need to pay for ads.