Human Customer Support vs AI Chatbot

As a business owner, which one do you personally prefer? Having your customer support automated using AI chatbot or hire a dedicated virtual assistant who can answer your customer queries?

This question is very common in online groups, social media, as they are debating about the level of personalization and quality of answers it can provide to the customers. For me, If you are really short in budget and can’t hire a virtual assistant that will handle customer care then you really want to go with AI chatbot instead as it is much cheaper compared hiring a dedicated staff.

Chatbot is also smart that it can be trained and has a very minimal chance of giving false answers because it can be set-up the way you want it to be. The only limitation of chatbot is the skill of the chatbot developer who designed the conversational flow, that’s why most chatbot developers have if else conditions to handle such scenario and they even output a message saying, “sorry but this is a question that was never asked to me” and capture that specific question and modify the bot to answer that query. That’s how powerful bots are if used properly. Other’s will say they are just a bot without feelings, that’s why you have total control of it, use your personal tone, add some humor, funny gifs, etc.

On contrary when you hire a VA, it can answers questions based from their training. The information that they can provide is also limited based from what they received, they might also not be able to reply as fast as a bot can do because of certain reasons. If you have only 1 virtual assistant, he or she will not be able to handle multiple inquiries for sure similar to a bot can do? Now you have an idea on how powerful chatbot can leverage business? It’s for you to decide which route you will go, as long as you can provide the best customer service is what really matters.